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Nature's Element

Buckwheat Cakes Variety Pack

Buckwheat Cakes Variety Pack

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Try our variety pack! You get all the tasty variants in one place ;)

Our buckwheat cakes have a mild, natural taste and are suitable for both consumption straight from the package as a delicious snack or in combination with a variety of sauces or spreads. If you want a spin to your regular avocado toast just replace your toast with a buckwheat cake!


Organic Buckwheat Cake: 100% organic buckwheat

Organic Buckwheat and Millet Cake: 85% organic buckwheat, 15% organic millet

Organic Buckwheat and Quinoa Cakes: 85% organic buckwheat, 15% organic quinoa


Expected delivery time to all states in America is 5-10 business days, regardless of the shipping method, with a processing time of up to 1-3 business days for packaging and dispatch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sally Short-Ierisi

My husband and love these delightful crackers. Our homemade peanut butter tastes delicious spread on top with thinly sliced Honeycrisp apple slices.

Meredith Gummerson
So excited I found these!

I'm headed to Italy for a two week trip and was stressed because I was told that finding non-bread and whole grains might be more difficult and my gut and skin aren't happy when I eat too much bread/gluten. I'm actually taking several packs of these in my suitcase and will probably do the same on future trips. The flavor is somewhat bland but somehow that's a good thing??? Almost like a slightly more flavorful water cracker. I've eaten them on their own rushing out the door to a 6am Pilates class when I don't have time for my protein shake til after but also crumbled them in salads and into soups or topped with leftover guac. I highly recommend giving these a try!

The best

This is the perfect alternative to bread


Buckwheat cakes of Nature's Element are the best thing! Definetely better than rice cakes, and they have the same crunch:)))


All nutrients in one place, and they have great flavors too. Love it